Betser review

Famous for their casinos, Hero Gaming has recently launched a new product called Betser, a sportsbook that has become insanely popular with gamers. The aim is to provide the best possible gaming experience to serious players and invite them to the state of an art gaming platform. Players in the online gambling forums have seen almost all the games and experienced various interfaces, hence Hero Gaming decided it was time to introduce something new.

Betser is not only promising when it comes to experience in the gaming world, but also ensures that loyal players receive something every time they play. It is one of the best offers made so far in the market – a new gift for the new generation.

There are so many bonuses that one can look forward to and win here. Let’s take a look at various offers that Betser has in store for you:

Loyalty Offers

There is so much that Betser is offering to serious players and those who are loyal to it, and many ways of showing gratitude to the players. Players get Brains and Balls points for bets that they place. The whole loyalty program is based on these bets. Under this, the players can either accumulate their Balls and Brains points or use them. If one is looking to use these reward points, it can be done in a special virtual room known as the Locker Room. In the Locker Room, players can redeem these points for free spins, free bets and more offers.

This is not all. One can also keep accumulating these points to reach the top of the ladder to win the Top League title. This is a prestigious title and it comes with its own rewards and bragging rights. A player can not only earn by placing bets, but he can also earn by playing the games. Through the free spins and free bets, the player gets an opportunity to earn even further. What else can a serious player ask for? While going up the ladder for the Top League, serious players can also enjoy healthy competition.


In addition to the awesome loyalty program which has got many free spins and free bets to offer through points collected, there is more for the players in store. There are many types of promotions that Betser offers. Every player gets something when he or she plays here, and Betser is living up to its promise of providing the best. Some of the best promotional offers that Betser is offering are:

  • Money back: as the name suggests, here the players get an opportunity to earn some money back. Some of the money back offers are “No Brainer” and “Balls on the table”. Under these offers, players who are “ballsy” and “brainy” get something back depending on the kind of bets they have played.
  • The Bet Booster: under this promotional offer, a player gets the market odds which are the best on a pre-selected combination of matches. This is also a great opportunity for the players to do well.
  • Twosome: Twosome is a promotional offer which as the name suggests, will double the payout in a situation where a player is able to score twice from a first goal scorer bet.
  • Threesome: Betser doesn’t stop here. There is another offer where a player can actually earn three times the payout from their first goal scorer bet. This offer is known by the name of threesome. It is definitely a “dream come true” for serious players.

The fun doesn’t end here. In addition to everything that has already been discussed, there are many surprises and each one of them is sufficient enough to bring smile to your face. It is almost available for everyone as far as language is concerned for it covers many of the widely spoken languages like English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Japanese.

Game Providers

Betser has got some of the best game providers on board like Play N Go, Evolution, Quickspin, Microgaming, Pushgaming, Betsoft, and Yggdrasil, to name a few. Players understand that they are the best in the industry and hence there is no stopping them.

Payment providers

There are various payments modes available at Betser which makes it easy for the players to make a choice. Players are able to choose either bank transfer, credit card, Mastercard, Neteller, Skrill, Trustly, Puggle Pay, or even e-Pro.

With so much on offer, it’s difficult for serious players to actually stay away from Betser. A sportsbook with an amazing interface, great branding, smooth flow, and awesome offers and rewards, most players will fall in love with it. While you enjoy your bets, spins and poker games with Betser, there is no need to worry about the safety of information as strict measures are taken to keep everything secured. So what are you waiting for? Choose your table now for Betser is here to stay!