Mobile casinos

Mobile casino

Technology has provided endless opportunities for online casinos and the mobile phone is one of them. The device has enabled players to bet online. Overall, any device which connects wirelessly and gives individuals the freedom to be on-the-go, or “mobile” as one might also put it, has become an attractive feature. The online casinos which you can access through your phone are also called mobile casinos. Two great examples of casinos you can play on mobile are Casino Heroes and Betser.

The first mobile phones were heavy and just about portable. Today the compact and hand-held devices have had drastic effect on how we live our lives. Mobile casinos came to be when mobile phones also became internet devices in the early 1990’s. However, it wasn’t until 1997 that the first game, called Snake, was introduced on the mobile device Nokia 6610. The simplicity of the game attracted a large audience and it is estimated to have shipped 400 million copies.

In the early 2000’s WAP games stepped in. WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol and it made it possible for mobile devices to connect to the internet. The major market leaders came up with a standard web browser for mobile phones and in the beginning individuals could not do much more than choose ringtone or wallpaper. However, developers eventually managed to construct games that you could buy and download. However, one could still not yet wager money and therefore mobile casinos would have to wait a little bit longer.

When eventually iPhones and Android phones made a boom in the market in 2007, mobile phone betting was made possible. Thereafter, the online mobile casino games followed with the launch of AppStore in 2008. The launch is considered as the landmark for mobile casino gaming. Texas Hold’em was in fact one of the most paid downloaded Apps shortly after AppStore launched.

In 2016 there are hundreds of mobile casinos, however mobile casinos are still not the most evident choice for online players. It is only in the most recent years that online casinos have started to put serious effort in their mobile casino departments. The reason for this is the many different mobile devices and operating systems which exist on the market. It makes it difficult for online casinos to ensure that the games they provide are fully accessible on all different types of devices.

Yet, online casinos are putting much effort into mobile gaming and today players can enjoy HD quality games with heavy features on both their phones and tablets. Mobile gaming has come a far way since the first game was introduced on the Nokia 6610. Not to forget is that this development has taken place in less than a decade. Game providers still struggle due to the various operative systems and competitiveness in the industry, however we predict the competitive streak will continue and thus the development of online mobile casinos will only continue to baffle its players. It is in fact predicted by the digital marketing research agency, Juniper Research, that by 2019 – “mobile gambling will become mainstream.”

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