Social casinos

The latest revolution within casinos is called social gaming. Social gaming is born from platforms such as Facebook and it is based on the notion that you interact with others while you play. In fact, social games most often encourage you to connect through Facebook. Some famous social games most people have heard of are: Farmville, Candy Crush and The Sims Social. Social casino gambling is one of the fastest growing genres since 2013, when the mobile platform became a widespread alternative to the computer. And the audience has literally never been more engaged.

Regarding the future of social gambling, trend analyst Adam Krejcik who is the managing director of digital and interactive gaming at Eilers Research has made several predictions regarding social casino gaming:

  • Social casino : skill-play integration

Apparently, the days of the female dominated audience who play chance-games online are over. While the trend of skill-based players who wish to progress rather than gamble will grow. The new audience is predicted to be found within the millennial generation.

  • Social casino: live dealers

Instead of automatic dealers, human dealers will entertain the costumers on the other side of the screen. Thus making the gaming experience more social.

  • Social casino: further socialization

Social casinos will develop its social features further since players who actively socialize during games tend to spend more time and money playing.

  • Social casino: growth of Asian market

Krejcik predicts further market growth from the East, as social casino games has started to penetrate the Asian market. Big corporations are already focusing on China and Japan and there are several mobile messaging networks which can help games spread through Asia.

As mentioned earlier, the social casino gaming popularity is especially notable on mobile devices. What is surprising however, is that in most of the social games real money is not yet prominently involved. Still, this does not have any negative impact on the social casino gaming market since the market shows a constant growth regardless. And so, the casino industry must follow where the players…

A surprising fact is that slots are the most popular social casino entertainment within social casinos. This might sound surprising since slots is not a practically interactive game. The problem has been solved by enticing players with weekly leaderboards and challenges instead. Moreover, players have the opportunity to win prizes and get praise on social media channels.

The typical social gamer is normally more of a player rather than a gambler, and so virtual currencies normally define their progress through the games. Therefore, casinos that wish to enter the social gaming market have had to rethink their strategies completely. The rush and adrenaline for bets has been replaced with offering attractive features for a small price, features which allow players to advance in their adventure or game.

In conclusion, the social media gaming industry is expected to skyrocket into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Considering that analyst Adam Krejcik’s prediction in 2014 – that the social gaming sector would surpass 2.7 billion in revenue – came true, it is somewhat likely that the trend will continue, which is another prediction put forth by Adam Krejcik.

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